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KODI supports the society of Kosova, politicians, and the international community in the transition process from totalitarian rule to democracy through the strengthening of democratic institutions and the rule of law, respect for human rights, and the integration of Kosova into the EU. KODI seeks to identify human rights violations against the inhabitants of Kosova before, during, and after the war; stimulate the process of facing and overcoming the past; analyze ethnic relations in Kosova and elsewhere; promote regional cooperation; and offer policy recommendations and solutions to those forming public policy. The institute prepares and publishes regular reports and studies related to political processes and offers practical recommendations to institutions and decision-makers in Kosova and abroad. Studies are presented to the public through the media; distributed among institutions and local, regional, and western organizations; and published regularly on KODI's website. KODI organizes debates and conferences concerning various political and social issues and produces original works in the area of humanities and science for use in schools. KODI also works with counterpart academic and research institutes as well as civil society organizations in the region and abroad.

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