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CIEM is formed with the aims of undertaking research and putting forward proposals and recommendations on economic reform in Vietnam through studies of economic laws, institutional regulations, policies, planning and management mechanism, business environment and economic renovation; and providing training to economic management staff together with consultancy service. CIEM's main activities are to (1) conduct research and plan projects on renovating economic laws and regulation; (2) conduct research in coordination with other ministerial departments and draw up legal documents on issues pertaining to the institute's own research fields; (3) formulate syntheses and proposals on needed amendments to existing policies or on new policies; (4) organize and implement scientific research programs; (5) summarize domestic economic management situation and international experiences and propose pilot application for new management mechanisms, policies and organizational models; (6) research theories and methodologies relating to economic management science and planning; (7) carry out international cooperation in the field of economic management; and (8) perform information, documentation and publishing tasks that serve economic management and provide consultancy services on economic management.

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