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The Regional Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform for Asia (Adaptation Knowledge Platform) has been developed to respond to demand for effective mechanisms for sharing information on climate change adaptation and developing adaptive capacities in Asian countries. This initiative supports research and capacity building on climate change adaptation, policy making and information sharing to help countries in Asia adapt to the challenges of climate change. It will also seek to facilitate climate change adaptation at local, national and regional levels and to strengthen adaptive capacity of countries in the region while working with existing and emerging networks and initiatives. A number of international initiatives have been launched to help countries build their national capacity to respond to the changing climate, but many of these initiatives are being undertaken independently one from each other, leaving an unsolved need for enhanced sharing of information, knowledge and lessons learned within and across borders. A key function of the Adaptation Knowledge Platform is to meet this need.

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Think tank name (original) Center for People and Forests
Think tank name (English) Center for People and Forests
Initials RECOFTC
Country Thailand