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The Somali Institute for Economic Policy Research Analysis (SIEPRA) is an autonomous economic research organization, established in 2017. SIEPRA is involved in economic policy making and implementation in SOMALIA, working closely with the government, private sector, development partners, civil society and academia. The Mission of SIEPRA is to conduct high-quality, independent, policy-relevant research to provide strong evidence for policymaking and improve the lives of all the people of Somalia.

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Address: 2021 Maka Mukarama Road | Mogadishu | Somalia
Contact email: [email protected] ; [email protected]

Organisational details

Business model:
Institutional affiliations:
Year founded:
Age (years):
Founded by:
Founder(s): Abdihakim Abdullahi Abdi
Founder gender: All male
Current leader(s): Abdihakim Abdullahi Abdi
Current leader's (or leaders') gender: Male
Staff size (2018):

Per cent of staff that is female: 45%
Per cent of research staff that is female: 50%
Staff size (2017):

Per cent of research staff that is female: 50%
Associate size (2017):

Data notes

Rating of data accuracy (find out more): Think tank verified
Data sources consulted: Information supplied by organisation

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