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IDEP's objective is to contribute to the strengthening of the technical and analytical skills of those officials in the public and private sectors in African member states that perform the essential functions of strategic economic planning and management. This aim reflects the recognition that African countries need to have a critical mass of skilled and knowledgeable experts in economic policy and management in their public as well as private sectors to meet the challenges of poverty reduction, economic transformation, and creating and sustaining a sound and effective regulatory framework to support the transition from a state-dominated to a market economy. The key elements of IDEP's strategy include organizing programs to equip midcareer and senior officials from the public and private sectors of African member states with the skills to respond to present and emerging development policy challenges in Africa. In doing so, particular attention is paid to enhancing skills aimed at developing an analytical framework for strategic economic planning and management and formulating policies to deepen the understanding of trade, regional integration, and globalization.

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