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Institute for Forecasting and International Studies mission is to help improve policy and knowledge through research and analysis. Promotes the development of the global peace and security through publications and other activities, based on the objective information on political and military developments. It´s services are oriented primarily towards the European society, as well as other institution interested in international affairs and defence studies. Institute for Forecasting and International Studies is an independent nonpartisan research institute which specialises in analysis and forecasting. It provides data, analysis and recommendations based on open sources to the interested public.

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Contact email: office AT

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Founder(s): Pawel Fleischer, Jacob Foreman
Founder gender: Male
Current leader(s): Pawel Fleischer
Current leader's (or leaders') gender: Male
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Per cent of staff that is female: 40%
Per cent of research staff that is female: 39%
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Rating of data accuracy (find out more): Think tank verified
Data sources consulted: Information supplied by organisation

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