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Climate Change Network Nepal (CCNN) is a semi formal network established in 2003 by a group of seven organizations interested in and working on climate change related issues in Nepal. The main objective of the network was to lobby for ratification of the Kyoto Protocol by the Government of Nepal and raise awareness on climate change related issues. Initially, the network had identified five priority areas namely awareness raising, coordination among key stakeholders, advocacy, joint pilot project and research. Over the years, some major changes have taken place in Nepal, such as ratification of the Kyoto Protocol, implementation of CDM projects, initiation of NAPA, participation in several climate change related meetings, and increased awareness, capacity building and field level activities in this sector. The number of organizations involved in climate change related activities in Nepal has also increased. In this context, CCNN realizes the need to review its activities and prepare new strategies to engage itself in this sector in a proactive and constructive manner. This document is designed to provide some direction in CCNN's strategy development process.

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