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ISS's major objectives are to (1) create opportunities for the formulation of rational, coherent foreign and defense policies that affect the maintenance of Mongolia's independence and security; (2) cooperate with other similar organizations and institutions both in Mongolia and overseas in promoting the study of peace and international security affairs; and (3) promote public awareness and understanding in individuals interested in strategic and peace studies. To implement its aims, ISS (1) conducts long-term analyses of Mongolia's peace and security issues in connection with international and regional security affairs; (2) makes policy recommendations to defense and foreign policymakers; (3) holds conferences, seminars, and meetings on relevant topics; (4) publishes reports, periodicals, and research and information papers; and (5) assists the Mongolian National Committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific (CSCAP).

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Think tank name (original) Mongolian Development Research Center
Think tank name (English) Mongolian Development Research Center
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