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KIMEP was formally established by presidential resolution with the mission to provide the young people of Kazakhstan with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue prosperity and stability for the entire nation through competent and ethical leadership in business and government. In order to fulfill its mission, KIMEP offers graduate and undergraduate programs in business administration, accounting, economics, public administration, and social sciences. With the belief that credible research is one of the major vehicles of development, the KIMEP Center for Research and Development stimulates faculty research and consultancy and conducts contract research projects. KIMEP emphasizes the application of the knowledge in collaboration with government, industry, commerce, professionals, and other community groups. Research activities at KIMEP are publicized in the Central Asian Journal, the Student Central Asian Journal, and conference proceedings. KIMEP's International Office was established on January 14, 2002, with the overall objectives of enhancing its image as the leading academic institution in the Central Asian region and CIS and creating awareness of KIMEP in the international arena.

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