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KazISS conducts research into strategic problems related to external policy and the social-economic development of Kazakhstan and produces long-range and analytical materials for the country's governing bodies. The main directions of KazISS's research are (1) strategic aspects of external policy (monitoring of the internal political and social-economic development of adjoining countries; analysis of bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and Russia, China, the United States, Turkey, and member states of the EU and CIS; problems of integration all over the post-Soviet area; and issues concerning the struggle against terrorism and extremism), (2) social-political processes in contemporary Kazakhstan (monitoring of the socio-political situation; analysis of the ethno-demographical situation and migration processes in Kazakhstan; and the democratization processes and formation of political institutes in Kazakhstan), and (3) economic security (problems of economic security; tendencies of world economy development and analysis of its impact on Kazakhstan's economy; problems of Kazakhstan's participation in international economic cooperation; and socio-economic monitoring). KazISS cooperates with various foreign academic and research institutions, undertaking international research projects concerning different aspects of the development of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

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