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Based in Seoul, South Korea, the Korea Research Institute of Climate Change Countermeasure Strategies (KRICCCS) is a private think-tank, composed of leading national and international social and environmental scientists. KRICCCs' multidisciplinary team undertakes independent research, as well as provides consultancy to public and private entities in South Korea and internationally, towards developing strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation, such as undertaking climate change vulnerability assessments, developing disaster assessment and risk reduction plans, providing in-house training and capacity development on GHG policies, and facilitating international projects in energy efficiency and renewable energy development. KRICCCS also provides training programs for educational institutions, mid-career professionals and other interest parties in the science of climate change, and in carbon trading for GHG in South Korea. In addition, KRICCCS collaborates with national and international institutions for developing and implementing sustainable development programs in South Korea. Some of the collaborative activities KRICCCS is involved in are: provincial and national level projects in climate change mitigation and adaptation in South Korea; renewable energy development projects in South Asia and the Middle East; consortium of companies focused on green building activities in South Korea; and projects in traditional ecological management in Jeju, South Korea.

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