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The Energy and Climate Policy Institute for Just Transition (ECPI) is a research institute attached to the Center for Energy Politics (CEP), an NGO aiming to transform the current energy politics dominated by the cartel of capital and the powerful into a more democratic one based on social justice. Three core values of the CEP are "creativity", "voluntarism" and "solidarity". The ECPI is closely working with CEP and strives, through its research activities, to contribute to stimulating and deepening social debates and deliberations on the political and social implications of climate change and energy crisis, and to search and develop, from the perspective of social justice, progressive alternatives to meet these challenges. The overarching vision of the ECPI can be summarized as "Just Transition": the transition process, which will lead to a sustainable society, should be 'just' and the burden and costs of the transition should not be unilaterally transferred or imposed on weaker social groups such as workers, citizens, and social minorities, as has been frequently the case in the developing as well as the developed countries. ECPI aims to become a think tank specialized in climate change and energy crisis issues, to serve as a think tank for workers, farmers, citizens and social minorities, and to contribute to constructing an open social debate and dialogue on climate and energy issues.

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