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The Centre for Sustainable Development (CENESTA) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting Sustainable community- and culture- based development. Its main area of work is Iran and Southwest Asia. CENESTA experts have also engaged in extensive activities in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and in the international area in general. CENESTA is a member of IUCN the World Conservation Union and is affiliated with the University of the North (Iran). CENESTA works with a variety of partners, from local communities in Iran and other countries to local and national governmental agencies, from universities and research organisations to national and international NGOs. The UN bodies with which CENESTA and its experts entertain on-going collaboration include UNDP, FAO, UNICEF, UNSO, IFAD, UNCCD and the UN Secretariat. CENESTA has a small core of staff and large network of associates ranging from community- based groups to women’s associations and technical experts who act on the basis of common concerns and specific capacities. CENESTA staff and associates work in the context of project contracts and/ or on a Voluntary basis, contributing time as well as financial and material resources for the goals of the organisation.

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