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The mission of the National Society of Conservationists (NSC), comprising of over 100 hungarian member groups, is the comprehensive protection of nature, as well as the promotion of sustainable development, in cooperation with international organizations, especially the Friends of the Earth International network. The Society is radical in its principles: it wishes to draw decision makers' and citizens' attention to the drivers of environmental problems, by organizing campaigns, professional events, in depth studies and publications, and targeted lobbying. The Society does not believe in technical or superficial political solutions, but feel the need to question our current relationship with the environment, and our unsustainable patterns of production and consumption. NSC's campaigns pay specific attention on: - Mitigating the effects of climate change - Integrating sustainability viewpoints into policy-making - Supporting GM-free and environmentally friendly agriculture - Taking action against damaging infrastructural and industrial investments - Exposing polluting companies and the banks financing them - Environmental education of citizens, especially young people

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Think tank name (original) Clean Air Action Group
Think tank name (English) Clean Air Action Group
Initials CAAG
Country Hungary