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The Fung Global Institute generates and disseminates innovative thinking and business-relevant research on global issues from Asian perspectives. It aims to inform global policy and actions towards a prosperous and sustainable future for all. With this expanded framework of analysis, the Institute provides resources for business leaders as well as policymakers and civil society to develop the perspectives and tools needed to navigate through this era of transformation. The Institute pursues its mission through three inter-related activities: it is an independent think-tank producing innovative thinking and research on global issues from Asian perspectives that are relevant both to business leaders and policymakers; it is a centre of Asia-focused executive learning that informs, draws from and, in turn, feeds into the research initiatives; and it is a forum for engaging business as well as global policymakers and civil society leaders in knowledge-sharing and constructive dialogue that is backed by thematic research into key factors and forces driving change in the global economy.

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