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The Association for Research and Social Studies (ASIES) is a private, non-profit think tank. Its mission is to contribute to strengthening the democratic State of law and the integral development of Guatemala through research and advocacy.

Contact details

Address: 10ª. Calle 7-48 Zona 9 – P.O. Box 1005 – A Guatemala, Centroamérica
Contact email: asies AT

Areas of focus

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Organisational details

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Year founded:
Age (years):
Founded by:
Founder(s): Miguel Angel Balcárcel Jaeger, Amílcar Burgos, Jorge Carpio Nicolle, José Luis Cruz Salazar, Marco Antonio De Paz Zelada, Alexey De Synegub Cuellar, Carlos Alfredo Escobar Armas, Luis Alberto Ferraté Felice, José Miguel Gaitán Alvarez, Carlos Gehler
Founder gender: Male
Current leader(s): Lcdo. Pablo Hurtado G.
Current leader's (or leaders') gender: Male

Data notes

Rating of data accuracy (find out more): Imported
Data sources consulted: Base de datos mas saber

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