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RIEAS is primarily focused on promoting research and policy analysis on Southeastern Europe and the broader Eastern Mediterranean region, which are seen as integral parts of the global security model that emerged after the breakup of the USSR. RIEAS cooperates with other NGOs, particularly educational and foreign policy research institutions, in providing forums for the analysis of various security, intelligence, and policy issues affecting relations between the countries of the region and the western alliance. A major part of RIEAS's ongoing research concentrates on Greek foreign and security policy. Greece faces long-term instability in its Balkan neighborhood, plus continuing tensions with Turkey, and one of RIEAS's key objectives is to offer strategic analysis of Greek security and provide proactive, anticipatory thinking on a wide range of political and defense policy issues. In pursuit of its objectives, RIEAS particularly welcomes collaboration with younger scholars in the early stages of their academic careers and is committed to innovation, free thinking, and participation.

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