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The International Centre for Research on the Environment and the Economy (ICRE8) is a newly established non-for-profit Research Centre dedicated to interdisciplinary research on the Environment, Energy, Economy, Eco-innovations and their electronic versions (hence E8). The overarching goal of the Centre is to promote the understanding and implementation of Sustainable Development, as the only non-self-destructive path of socio-economic development. Central to ICRE8's mission is the pursuit of excellence in conducting and presenting research and a commitment to explore relevant environmental, natural resources and energy issues, for a variety of circumstances and stakeholders and across different temporal and spatial scales. The CentreĀ“s research expertise includes financial analysis, socio-economic and econometric analysis, environmental valuation, political and institutional analysis, integrated environmental-economic modelling, cost-benefits analysis, multi-criteria analysis, life cycle analysis, risk analysis, geographical information systems, multi-stakeholder mediations techniques, game theory, information technologies and decision-making tools development.

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