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ELIAMEP, a policy-oriented research and training institute, was founded as a forum for the study and understanding of issues related to foreign and security policy, European affairs, and international relations. ELIAMEP's objectives are to research topics pertaining to European foreign and security policies in the wider Southeast European, Black Sea, and Mediterranean regions; and study issues relevant to European integration, international politics, transatlantic relations, security, and economics in order to contribute to and influence public debate. The foundation provides decision-makers, both in the public and private sectors in Greece and abroad, with authoritative and independent information, analysis, and proposals for action. A further objective is to train professionals in a variety of areas, including conflict prevention, management and resolution skills, European integration, the monitoring of democratic elections and civil society building, the role of the media in civil societies, and the creation of international networks of leaders committed to working together to enhance cooperation in Europe and the Mediterranean region. Finally, ELIAMEP aims at strengthening the domestic research community and raising public awareness about foreign policy and international affairs.

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