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ECES's mission is to promote economic development in Egypt by conducting and disseminating applied policy research. Its aim is to develop viable policy options for Egypt in light of its international experience. To achieve its mission, ECES operates according to an annual work program endorsed by its board of directors and attempts to provide fresh answers to pertinent questions concerning the Egyptian economy. ECES staff conduct in-house research, but large-scale activities are carried out in collaboration with local and international experts. The issues addressed by ECES are varied in nature, their selection driven by the challenges facing the Egyptian economy and deficits in knowledge. In recent years, the center has dealt with economic growth, unemployment, financial-sector reform, monetary policy, fiscal sustainability, trade reform, the business environment, corporate governance, and regional integration. ECES disseminates its research widely, in part through organizing conferences, seminars, lectures, and roundtable discussions, which provide a forum for constructive discussions among policymakers, the private sector, academia, and the media. In addition, the center publishes and distributes a variety of publications in both English and Arabic.

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