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The Ecuadorian Centre for Environmental Law is a non-governmental, non-profit organization formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals working to promote environmental rights and sustainable development in Ecuador and the region. CEDA achieves its mission through activities such as training, capacity building, technical assistance, research, consultancy, publications, virtual library, academic internships and dissemination of information on three strategic areas. Conservation: This program proposes the development and implementation of legal and sustainable economic and productive alternatives to strengthen the processes of nature conservation. Environmental Governance and Democracy: CEDA works in the promotion and development of policies, standards and mechanisms for transparency, participation and conflict resolution. Sustainability and Development: Through this program, CEDA aims to generate policy proposals for comprehensive economic, social and environmental policies to promote and encourage sustainable pubic mechanisms of responsible environmental management. To do this, CEDA involves public and private stakeholders, involved with the environment in a way that maintains links with grassroots organizations, communities, civil society organizations, universities, and state productive sector. CEDA also mutually enriches with the experiences of other groups with social and environmental interest, with whom shares goals and unite efforts to achieve greater effectiveness and impact of its actions.

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Address: Martin de Utreras N31-276 y Mariana de Jesús, Quito, EC

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