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We generate and communicate knowledge of the highest level on Flora and Fauna of Colombia and its past and present relationships with human groups.

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Address: Av. Carrera 30 # 45-03 Edificio 476 - Edificio Administrativo Facultad de Ciencias
Contact email: inscien_bog AT

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Organisational details

Business model:
University-affiliated institute
Institutional affiliations:
Year founded:
Age (years):
Founded by:
Founder(s): Enrique Pérez Arbeláez
Founder gender: All male
Current leader(s): José Murillo Aldana
Current leader's (or leaders') gender: Male
Staff size (2017):

Organisational performance

Number of publications (2016):

Data notes

Rating of data accuracy (find out more): OTT reviewed
Data sources consulted: Organisation´s website

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