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FEDESARROLLO is a non-governmental organization that acts as an independent centre of thought and promotes the debate on topics of general interest with the purpose of contributing to the design, monitoring and improvement of public policies and the management of the State in Colombia. The mission of FEDESARROLLO is to promote the economic and social development of Colombia within a model of market economy, with an effective participation of the State in the provision of public goods, in a democratic environment and with an effective social policy aimed at achieving an inclusive and equitable society.

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Address: Calle 78 Nº 9-91, Bogotá, Colombia
Contact email: comercial AT

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Year founded:
Age (years):
Current leader(s): Leonardo Villar Gómez (Executive Director)
Current leader's (or leaders') gender: Male

Data notes

Rating of data accuracy (find out more): OTT reviewed
Data sources consulted: Organisation´s website

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