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Urban China Initiative (UCI) is a joint initiative of Columbia University, the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University, and McKinsey & Company. Its mission is to catalyze the next stage of China’s urbanization by finding and implementing effective solutions to China’s urbanization challenge, and to support China’s cities as they innovate. It seeks to develop solutions, facilitate dialogue, and provide a home for China’s leading domestic and international urban thinkers and professionals. Specifically, the Initiative has four aims: - Solutions Develop the best and most innovative solutions to urban development issues in China. - Talent Provide a home for China’s leading domestic and international urban thinkers and professionals, and a magnet for the best global thinkers. - Dialogue Convene China’s leading national, provincial and local dialogues on urban issues. - Pilots Support China’s urban leaders in pilots based on the Initiative’s research and dialogues. The Initiative seeks to pursue knowledge initiatives at scale fact-based, objective analyses of options available to urban leaders across an enormous variety of conditions, with the goal of unearthing solutions that can be implemented across hundreds of cities. In this respect China is in a unique position to leverage experience across its large number of diverse cities.

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Think tank name (original) 南森国际研究中心
Think tank name (English) Nansen-Zhu International Research Centre
Initials NZC
Country China