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CDI is engaged in economic policy studies, providing economy-related consulting services to governments, businesses, and other public organizations. Adhering to a spirit of reform and innovation, the institute engages in economic research and consulting with a preference for the new market economy framework rather than earlier models. In its activities, CDI has probed into the leading issues concerning Chinese economic reforms, thus forming a solid platform for further research and studies in China's macroeconomic policy; the economies of southern China, Hong Kong, and Macau; international economic strategy; China's corporate system; and enterprise reform. CDI also undertakes corporate consulting for domestic and foreign enterprises and public organizations in the fields of investment, financing, management, accounting, and marketing. The institute operates an extensive cooperation and exchange network with many domestic and international research institutions and consulting firms and offers Ph.D. and M.A. economics programs at the Tsinghua and Nankai Universities, fulfilling CDI's other role as an important training center in southern China.

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