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CENTIS was established through a joint initiative of Belarusian scientists and the Belarusian State University, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. CENTIS's main activities cover the support of the development of a national School of International Studies by establishing an effective environment for communication between scientists, experts, diplomats, and specialists, as well as strengthening related public and academic bodies, and foreign policy practice. With reference to these activities, CENTIS's aims are (1) the coordination of scientific research and informational and analytical work in the sphere of foreign policy and international relations; (2) scientific and practical elaborations and prognostic research concerning international relations, the global economy, and regional policy; (3) organization of scientific-practical conferences and workshops devoted to themes concerning foreign policy and the global economy; and (4) the methodic support of faculties with similar profiles to that of CENTIS. Experts and scientists from governmental and nongovernmental research institutions, Belarusian universities, and other countries take part in these projects. Scientific research is published in CENTIS's own volumes and periodical scientific publications.

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