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Vitae Civilis' vision is focused in creating a "Civil Society" actively engaged in the governance of social and environmental sustainability at a global, national and local level. Its mission consists in "promoting sustainable development through the support given to the participatory implementation of integrated public policies; strengthening initiatives that foster income generation and employment associated to environmental sustainability; generating and disseminating knowledge and practices in the following fields: climate, energy, water and environmental services; as well as strengthening civil society organizations and initiatives in these areas." Vitae Civilis coordinates many programs that aim the promotion of inter-sectoral dialogues regarding politics, economy and individual practices of great importance to social and environmental sustainability; carry out research, preferably with participatory methodologies in order to better underline actions towards the sustainability of development processes; foster and be part of partnerships for the establishment of special actions and initiatives of sustainable development, through the articulation, capacity building and the strengthening of networks and civil society organizations as well as contributing to enhance public control (governance) over public and private institutions and policies.

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