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Ceresan is a research and training centre that brings together researchers and students from different areas of knowledge and national and foreign institutions dedicated to questions of Sovereignty and Food and Nutrition Security (SSAN) and the Human Right to Adequate and Healthy Food. (DHA) in Brazil as in the international.

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Address: Av. Presidente Vargas, 417/ 8º 20.071-003 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Areas of focus

Topics of research:
Climate-related sub-themes of research:
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Operating languages:
Spanish, English, Portuguese, French

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Year founded:
Age (years):
Current leader(s): Coordinators: Renato Sergio Jamil Maluf, Luciene Burlandy Campos de Alcântara
Current leader's (or leaders') gender: Both

Data notes

Rating of data accuracy (find out more): OTT reviewed
Data sources consulted: Organisation´s website

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