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The Centre for Legal Studies and Social Research (CEJIS) is a nonprofit Bolivian association that works in the field of Human Rights from a legal - social perspective accompanying sectors of society whose situation of helplessness and vulnerability requires professional accompaniment and commitment to the recognition of their individual and collective rights. CEJIS is a private institution that assumes itself as an autonomous social and political actor of religious parties and confessions. It works to strengthen and articulate civil society around the achievement of structural changes that allow the realization of human rights with an emphasis on the collective rights of the most vulnerable sectors of society. Likewise, for the construction of a culture based on pluralism, participatory and community democracy and the reconfiguration of powers in the Plurinational State. Its vision is to target a civil society articulated around the social and political rights in the framework of cultural diversity, the functioning of the central and territorial powers of the Plurinational State and the construction of a perspective of social, cultural, economic development and environmentally sustainable.

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Address: Calle Alfredo Jordán # 79 - Santa Cruz - Bolivia
Contact email: contacto AT

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Founder(s): Susana Chiarotti Boero and Miguel Parrilla
Founder gender: Both male and female founders

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Rating of data accuracy (find out more): OTT reviewed
Data sources consulted: Organisation´s website
Boundary Organization (find out more): Yes

This organisation may not be a traditional think tank. We have included it in this list as we deem it to be a 'boundary' organisation – in other words, it might have some qualities or characterstics of a think tank.

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