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The Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI) is a Pan-European think tank exploring sustainable development options for European societies. It is among Austria's leading institutes in support of sustainable development. Its projects facilitate the resolution of problems at the intersection of the economy, society and the environment in ways that reflect ecological, economic and social responsibility. SERI supports decision makers in the areas of sustainable development with information relevant to their goals within the framework of national, regional and European sustainable policies. In addition to documenting and presenting relevant information, SERI adds value by communicating new ideas and concepts in sustainable development, presented to the target audience via new and "old" media (books, brochures, CD-ROMs, websites, etc.). SERI's vision of sustainability means enjoying life through a conscious way of dealing with oneself, one another and natural resources. SERI carries out applied sustainable research and provides approaches for holistic processing of relevant problem areas in their social, environmental and economic aspects. Its activities focus on the transformation of Europe in its local, national and global context and are implemented within the framework revolving around European, national and international research and cooperation projects.

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