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AMBERD Research Center, of the Armenian State University of Economics was established in 2013. AMBERD is one of the leading think tanks of Armenia conducting researchs, analysis and scientific developments. AMBERD´s mission is to contribute towards the solution of public policy and economic issues and to respond to the multilevel challenges faced by the Armenian society and the State through the generation and development of innovative ideas, researchs, analysis, implementation of educational programs, and preparation of policy recommendations for decision-makers. To that end, the Research Center also uses communicative mechanisms between policy-makers, academic community, business sector and civil society.

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Address: 128 Nalbandyan str. / Armenian State University of Economics / N3 building, 0025 Yerevan/ Armenia

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Founder(s): Armenian State University of Economics
Current leader(s): Dr. Armen Grigoryan
Current leader's (or leaders') gender: Male
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Per cent of staff that is female: 55%
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