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ISB's main goal is to promote and support the development of democratic systems and the free market as well as the integration of Albania into Europe. ISB is an active nongovernmental organization built on technical capacities, impartiality, civic responsibility, and the ability to build strategic coalitions and networks, offering alternative opinions on development policies and advocating their adoption and implementation. The institute initiates its own research and policy activities and promotes the participation of interest groups with the aim of increasing awareness and building a broad and sound consensus. ISB supports staffing and operations to the Albanian Center for International Trade (its subsidiary) and provides its consulting services to the Albanian Authorities, international donors, and other organizations, responding to the needs of its clients through local consultants, project managers, PR staff, and networking resources.

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Address: Str. Vaso Pasha 7, Tirana, ALBANIA
Contact email: ics AT

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Think tank name (original) Instituti pēr Demokraci dhe Ndërmjetësim
Think tank name (English) Institute for Democracy and Mediation
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